Supercharging LSD Yields on Cosmos

Apollo is designed to supercharge the yields on Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) in an easy and user friendly way. Apollo will offer the highest yields for LSDs (in Cosmos and beyond), starting with our flagship ETH Vault on Neutron and following this with our concentrated liquidity vaults on Osmosis.

A decentralized autonomous organization powering applications across the Cosmos.

Apollo is more than just a regular yield aggregator. Rather we’re a community-driven organization aiming to increase the yield farming experience of both crypto- and non-crypto native users alike.

Apollo Vaults tokenize yield opportunities, enabling supercharged yield on LSDs and USD.

Apollo Safe is the easiest way to secure, manage and govern a multi-sig wallet on the Cosmos ecosystem.

A capital warchest and investment protocol to ensure the stability of vault funds and operations.

Apollo Vaults

Apollo Vaults tokenize yield opportunities, enabling supercharged yield on LSDs. Apollo is working with Neutron to launch our own locked wstETH/ETH Vault, which will be offering one of the highest APRs for any liquid staking ETH opportunity. However, this is just the start and Apollo will be able to further boost yields through:

  • Utilising our vxASTRO holdings
  • Integrating our Vault tokens into partner protocols, such:
    • Offering leverage/looping of our Vault Tokens through Mars Protocol
    • Yield splitting of Vault tokens, similar to Pendle
    • Minting CDPs and synthetics against Vault tokens
Supported Chains

Strategic Partnerships

We are thankful for our broad network of supporting organizations and investment partners helping to make this project possible.


The Relaunch of Apollo – Supercharging Yields on Cosmos

To all our supporters, thank you for your patience in waiting for the relaunch of Apollo. While we have developed a number of products, such as our leveraged yield farming in collaboration with Mars Protocol, we have been waiting on a number of aspects within the Cosmos ecosystem to fall into place before fully relaunching Apollo.

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Apollo Tokenomics

The Apollo token ($APOLLO) is a deflationary utility token, with a focus on simplicity and is core to the Apollo Project and will be relaunched on Neutron. Many projects both inside and outside of Cosmos have attempted to attract users and maintain a high value through “high FDV low float” tokenomics.

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Launching of Apollo LP Vaults v2 for Cosmos

While the total collapse of Terra and the ecosystem resulted in a slightly more volatile launch for Apollo than we would have hoped, it has taught us a lot and sharpened our focus, so we are thrilled to be relaunching Apollo in the Cosmos. Apollo’s full relaunch will be

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